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DKE Domain is a portal created for the soul purpose of bringing people to come together to share projects, ideas and enjoy the gaming world together. It was founded back in 2011, we are looking to improve much of the site and what DKE is, we have bought a new Domain and will move over shortly. DKE will become a place for Developers, Inventors and Tinkers to come together to share there ideas. Im working on a new site to make sharing this information alot more enjoyable. Keep an eye out for new posts.

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David Kerwin

Site Adminstrator and Australian Electrical Tradesman (QLD)

Hello, I am David age 24 and currently working for Bradken Resources Pty Ltd at their largest plant here in Australia. I have been there well over a year now and have gained alot of experience. In my spare time I have other interests such as computers, games and building things, currently I am working on a CNC Mill which you can check out HERE →


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